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prevention.com 23 464 131.5k 1.7m 3.2m 68
health.com 23 268 176.9k 4.9m 9.5m 46
womenshealthmag.com 20 202 160.1k 3.1m 5.1m 30
authoritynutrition.com 10 128 43k 2.4m 3.9m 525
shape.com 15 029 125.6k 1.3m 2.1m 0
mindbodygreen.com 9 109 53.5k 875.9k 1.2m 0
mercola.com 13 173 136.9k 1.7m 2.4m 254
fitnessmagazine.com 11 554 103.2k 1.7m 3.1m 2.5k
everydayhealth.com 21 694 324.5k 4.3m 6.9m 39k
livestrong.com 41 566 797.6k 4.8m 5.4m 0
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