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pcworld.com 63 248 243.7k 3.7m 5.1m 0
cnet.com 149 067 1.3m 20.3m 26.4m 19.8k
pcmag.com 72 076 415.3k 6.5m 11.9m 0
wikihow.com 193 329 2.4m 45.3m 62.7m 0
digitaltrends.com 41 452 156k 1.5m 2.3m 0
howtogeek.com 35 033 91.9k 622.7k 970.6k 0
toptenreviews.com 46 278 273.7k 3.8m 13.4m 3.1k
makeuseof.com 34 210 94.7k 312.5k 478.3k 0
instructables.com 58 567 573.5k 5.8m 5.4m 0
techradar.com 37 319 210.2k 4.4m 8.1m 0
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