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pregnancy bikini 1 70 1.11 popsugar.com/moms/Pi...s-16638147 0.00 0.00 1.00 30 400 000
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best workout brands 1 30 0.00 popsugar.com/fitness...n-32408737 0.00 0.00 0.09 10 100 000

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justjared.com 20 496 109.4k 8.5m 6.1m 0
usmagazine.com 23 519 172.7k 11.1m 8.2m 60
eonline.com 25 039 236.2k 10.4m 7.9m 177
shape.com 18 286 128.3k 1.4m 2.3m 0
perezhilton.com 18 859 158.8k 9.3m 12.7m 43
hollywoodlife.com 20 395 241.5k 11.8m 6.5m 0
fitnessmagazine.com 13 303 93.9k 1.6m 2.7m 2.3k
people.com 18 811 243.7k 14.5m 9.8m 301
buzzfeed.com 28 398 550.3k 18m 12m 0
womenshealthmag.com 14 295 156.8k 2.9m 4.8m 31
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