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docshop.com 21 593 116.4k 153.1k 750k 0
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makemeheal.com 8 840 82.2k 41.1k 55.4k 625
top10homeremedies.com 13 104 410.6k 1.4m 3.9m 0
smartbeautyguide.com 7 873 24.7k 51.5k 312k 0
paulaschoice.com 9 227 277.7k 1m 1.9m 5.7k
medhelp.org 15 975 1.4m 791.8k 761.4k 0
thedermreview.com 6 881 85.2k 151.7k 204.9k 1
livestrong.com 41 071 4m 4.6m 5.7m 0
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