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docshop.com 9 816 12.2k 120.1k 646.6k 0
plasticsurgery.org 8 581 13k 508.9k 3.7m 4k
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makemeheal.com 4 682 11.4k 45k 76k 351
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acne.org 4 766 25.8k 205.3k 460.1k 0
top10homeremedies.com 5 359 54.1k 1.2m 3.4m 0
vitals.com 6 558 169.2k 392.6k 643.3k 3.2k
animated-teeth.com 3 154 11.2k 76.2k 298.6k 0
livestrong.com 18 553 831.5k 4.9m 5.8m 0
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