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best gay lesbian movies 1 20 0.00 rottentomatoes.com/t...ategory=20 0.00 0.00 0.01 0
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rogerebert.com 78 755 92.7k 1.8m 1.3m 0
imdb.com 402 837 2.7m 286.9m 239.2m 1.2k
metacritic.com 77 106 225.1k 6.7m 6.2m 0
netflix.com 60 005 122.1k 15.6m 5.8m 4.2k
fandango.com 91 291 525.1k 23.3m 23.2m 3k
putlocker.is 50 615 131.3k 5.3m 6.2m 0
commonsensemedia.org 45 538 111.7k 1.7m 2m 1.9k
tvguide.com 63 375 433.4k 10.2m 9.1m 0
moviemistakes.com 34 317 59.4k 484.8k 283.6k 0
tcm.com 32 673 66k 1m 455.8k 117
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