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bitdefender.com 999 5.7k 173k 459.5k 644
kaspersky.com 1 258 10.9k 281.1k 1m 2.1k
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avast.com 881 5.6k 529.5k 532.8k 3k
trendmicro.com 1 000 8.9k 159.6k 721.7k 1.7k
eset.com 801 4.9k 116.6k 211.2k 2.6k
avg.com 948 9.6k 888.7k 1.6m 1.3k
avira.com 614 3.4k 108.2k 241.4k 246
comodo.com 701 7.4k 134.3k 738k 86
pandasecurity.com 559 3.1k 132.1k 430k 970
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