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allure.com 28 363 87.9k 1.6m 2.9m 22
paulaschoice.com 22 862 58.4k 827.5k 1.6m 6.3k
makeupalley.com 28 887 110k 594k 542.7k 0
ulta.com 28 452 114.6k 4.2m 3.5m 11.7k
sephora.com 20 758 93.7k 4.8m 4.9m 39.4k
elle.com 14 727 97.8k 3.1m 3m 43
drugstore.com 17 077 144.8k 1.2m 1m 32.7k
latest-hairstyles.com 11 288 76.2k 2.5m 3.8m 0
allwomenstalk.com 14 439 143.2k 1.3m 1.5m 0
instyle.com 9 614 63.1k 1.2m 1.1m 72
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