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wikihow.com 106 816 322.4k 7.4m 4m 1
yahoo.com 192 868 1.3m 41.1m 24m 1.9k
wikipedia.org 312 576 2.7m 267.5m 246.4m 0
ask.com 81 997 377.5k 2.7m 1.7m 736.3k
webmd.com 65 076 240.2k 2.8m 2.6m 4
youtube.com 279 014 3.5m 104.9m 76.4m 7.2k
bbc.co.uk 107 289 971.3k 130.8m 146.5m 1.2k
answers.com 58 509 292.4k 852k 338.5k 0
www.nhs.uk 50 015 267.4k 15.2m 16.2m 80
bbcgoodfood.com 39 962 91.7k 7.1m 5.2m 0
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